5 Gains from a Website


why small and medium sized businesses need both a dedicated business website as well as a facebook page

Social Media is now one of the largest ways in which we share and view content online.

It is accessible to almost everyone, free to use and readily available to local communities - so why would I pay for a website as well? 

Although some aspects are true. There are significant reasons why a website can still lead to greater business gains, which we explore



Free Advertising from Google

Global Daily Users (in billions)

There are 937 million daily global users that share, post and are active on Facebook.

Conquer a tiny chunk of this through a Facebook Page and your business could be a sticky honey pot - attracting 1000’s of potential customers to your awesome services 

Sound impressive? Of course it is. For a free, easy to set up and user friendly platform its a no brainer. 

But what if I now told you - over 3 billion global users search on Google every day. 

Depending on your size, market or your niche, this could now lead to almost 10,000’s or even 100,000’s customers on Google search results.

The contrast is colossal, the probable size is significant

Gaining Customer Orgnically

Google ranks websites for businesses and organisations through its algorithms passively. 

While you sleep, eat and work, your  website is ranked within the Google Search Engine and you gain traffic and potential customers organically. This means without any charge, advertising or any referral from yourself. 

On the other hand,  Facebook and Social media pages will only showcase your business either through paid advertising, referrals or if someone shares your posts

I’m not saying you need one or the other, but instead you need both. 

Facebook and Social Media to enhance your marketing strategy for existing customers and those that are familiar with your services. 

While a website can gain new customers or entice fresh interest to a cafe, plumber, restaurant, saloon, tax consultant or literally any other trade local to that area

Need a personalised birthday cake in Norwich? Want to know whether there is an ale pub in Southampton? Google and other search engines are the tools we use to find out and discover new businesses. 

Behind every search term, there is an opportunity for you to showcase your services and business through digital storefronts - dedicated websites retailing your trade
Business websites are absolutely essential in the 21st century to stay competitive and market your services successfully in the online realm. 

It is now to invaluable not to reap the rewards.