Importance of Branded MerchandFise for Small Businesses (not just for corporates)



Branded merchandise is for big corporations, yes? Its slightly cheesy, unwanted and people never actually pay attention to it, right?

The resounding answer is no! Use it effectively and in a smart unique way that is completely against the big corporates – and your company could reap long term benefits.



Wear the devotion

The key word being“wear”. Think of your business like a football team. Your business has to be something that people are absolutely passionate about. They have to adore the very creations you are providing, either as a service or product. 

How you get to this stage is another blog for another time – but this is the very essence how small & medium enterprises can boom with branded merchandise.


Would anyone wear it?

A lot of small companies don’t take the plunge in branded merchandise because they think why would anyone wear or use it? 

What they don’t understand - is that their customers are so fixated by what you stand for, that they have a vested interest. They’ll actually be happy to “wear” your brand with pride (as if it’s a World cup winning national team). 


make it unique - so it reflects your business (and only yours)

You have to make sure that the clothing is unique, great quality and is very niche to your target market. Cheap, nasty and poorly made clothing will reflect bad and will be counter intuitive. 

The reason you have been successful is because you have built a brand on quality, so your clothing has to reflect exactly that.

Secondly, the style and design has to be somewhat individual and “one of a kind”.  It has to have your branding, but if there is a message or title that your “fans” are happy to show off  - this can be extra enticing to wear, and again will promote your brand. 

This is the principles that were carried out by Brooksteed Alehouse (a micropub that setup 4 years ago in Worthing). Recently we created a website and did their commercial photography, web design and most importantly their e-commerce store. 

However, like the Brooksteed Alehouse, we appreciate that branded merchandise should never be used primarily as an revenue  


Viran Chana